Meryl Feldman, LCSW-R, C.Ht.

Psychotherapist / Hypnotherapist
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Finding the right therapist is a matter of finding a good fit and can depend on the therapist's style.  Past clients have described me as warm, direct, interactive, pragmatic, down-to-earth and change-oriented. 


I work in a client-centered manner and respect your choices whether you wish to work in a briefer format to address pressing concerns or in a more open ended approach to explore issues in more depth.  In either case, I am committed to help you efficiently and effectively reach your treatment goals.



My role as your therapist is to ask you thought-provoking questions, listen and observe attentively, offer insightful feedback and suggestions and help you make connections between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. I see psychotherapy as a collaborative process of change involving a combination of introspection, problem solving, and psycho-education leading to increased self-awareness.   In gaining better self-awareness, you can use your insights to practice new behaviors and make healthier life choices.  In my view and practice, a successful treament outcome is defined as your ability to live an intentionally satisfying and authentic life.